Easy Project Management With Pancake App

Easy Project Management with Pancake

A Recipe For Success

To achieve success, a project must not only be executed efficiently, but be meticulously planned as well. As a company that works with clients from all over the nation and conducts projects both large and small, it’s imperative to have a system in place that can handle everything from time-tracking to task management and collaborative discussion. While much of a project’s success weighs on the individual managing, it helps to have have an application that makes sure everything is rolling smoothly. That system happens to be elegantly packaged in an easy to use web based app called Pancake.

Pancake is a robust project management tool that handles not only the aforementioned tasks, but includes additional features like project expense tracking, and a client database. It even allows for proposal generation and estimates.

Client Usability

While Pancake definitely makes managing projects much simpler on my end, it is also extremely friendly and useable for clients. With a super simple front-end system, clients can get an overview of the their projects, track progress, and even collaborate; insuring that we are are always on the same page and exchanging ideas. To top it off, the web based app also makes it easy to exchange deliverables and keep track of invoices.

So far, clients have enjoyed the ease of use and professionalism that Pancake brings to project management. I’ve been told that it makes working through projects a much simpler and collaborative experience. Personally, I love the close communication and teamwork it brings to myself and my clients. It’s nice to know everything is in its right place and going smoothly.


Like any great app, Pancake is in a constant state or renewal. It is in active development and new features are always being added. While it continues to get better, Pancake does not come without a couple, albeit small, complaints. For one, the client login system forgoes the usual approach of providing users with a username and password, and instead supplies clients with a unique login hyperlink and optional secret pass key. Although this system works well, I would prefer the traditional approach, which would allow clients to access their project dashboard directly from a link on my website.

Aside from the login issue, the proposal generator is not optimal. As a designer, I prefer to create stylized proposals for each client. With the Pancake proposal generator, not much styling can take place. As such, I often use Adobe Illustrator to build out the proposal.

Although I have some tiny complaints regarding Pancake App the usefulness and power of the app greatly outweigh any of the issues.


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