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Brand Identity & Strategy

Brands That Speak

Your brand defines your company. It's more than just a logo. Your brand is the voice of your business, and it's how your audience perceives you. A brand encompasses your unique story, style, values, and much more.

Tilted Square will help you find your brand voice and work closely with your team to develop your unique brand story. From logo design, to brand style, story, and more, we will create a consistent style that speaks volumes.


Brand Identity & Logo Design

Every company needs a unique brand identity. A well designed logo is a good place to start, but to truly make an impact, full brand development is key. We’ll create a unique visual identity systems that stands the test of time. Through our in-depth brand identity design process we’ll create an identity that includes everything from the logo, to typography, color palette, imagery, and more.

Brand Strategy

Developing a brand strategy essentially means that together, we will lay the foundation and long term plan for your company. Defining points like brand value, audience, purpose, and philosophy will help to guarantee that your brand continues to expand and stays on course.


Tell Your Brand’s Story

Along with helping to create your company’s visual identity and brand strategy, we can work closely with you to craft your thoughtful and unique story. What is your philosophy? How do you want to be viewed by customers? What are your core values? Those are just some of the questions that will help to define your brand’s story.

Naming & Tagline Creation

Coming up with a name and/or tagline for your business can be a difficult process. We’ll work with your company to create a unique company name or tagline. One that will help to define your overall brand and align with your long and short term goals.


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